1Weight loss plastic surgery, also recognized as bariatric surgery is quickly being known due to increasing exposure to the remainder of the community as the surgery type that produces rapid weight loss. Patients choose to undertake such procedure when all else fails in their attempt to lose weight and become a healthy person once more. Basically, there are three varieties of weight loss plastic surgery. The first is Lap Band Surgery, which makes the stomach smaller and leads to the restriction of food intake. The second is Malabsorptive Surgery. This shortens the intestine that comes in contact with the foods. The goal of this surgery is to diminish the calorie absorption of consumed foods to the body.

The third type is Gastric Bypass Surgery which combines Malabsorptive and Restrictive Surgeries (lap band surgery). This is performed by creating a tiny stomach pouch to constrain the quantity of food consumption. Then, a bypass of the other portions of intestine as well as the duodenum is made to trigger malabsorption.

The estimated $5.8 billion accrued from proposed taxation for plastic surgery over the next ten years is appealing to some law makers. However, the consequence of taxation could have a ripple effect on many Americans interested in plastic surgery.

With 60% of all cosmetic surgery patients in the middle class income bracket, middle class workers who select plastic surgery to maintain an upper hand in the job market may feel compromised because a 5% tax could limit the possibility of purchasing plastic surgery procedures in the U.S.

Secondly, taxation may drive people interested in plastic surgery to facilities outside of the U.S. for lower pricing on plastic surgery procedures. These facilities may not be governed by adequate accreditation bodies and therefore, there is a greater risk associated with having a procedure outside of America. In addition, there are more risks associated with traveling for plastic surgery treatment. There are risks associated with standing too long, the inability to rest properly, and the incapacity to follow through with instructions following surgery. So, patient care may be compromised because of taxation on plastic surgery treatment in the U.S.

Finally, the proposed bill excludes plastic surgery for the purpose to improve genetic deformity or traumatic injury, but functional improvement benefits are not always clear at the time of plastic surgery. The benefits of reconstructive or functional plastic surgery may not be fully realized until weeks or months after the procedure. This is a time period long after the treatment has been performed and paid for. So, enforcement of taxation is an issue.
The goals for the estimated $5.8 billion are to reduce the healthcare burden. Yet, the burden that would develop in the plastic surgery industry and for the people that have plastic surgery could be substantial. The verdict is not out on plastic surgery taxation at this time. Policy makers will need to take a close look at all issues surrounding plastic surgery taxation before making the decision about taxation.

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The medical field is always evolving and changing for the better. Technology makes calculations more accurate and it allows surgeons to work faster and more efficiently. One of the latest revolutions in the plastic and cosmetic surgery world is something called “Fat Grafting”. This is the process in which a surgeon extracts excess fat from a patient’s unwanted area, and puts that same fat back into somewhere that the patient does want it.

3A perfect example of this is instead of a surgeon using implants for a breast augmentation, he or she would perform the technique and put that fat into a female’s breasts in order to enlarge them. This technique is perfect for individuals who want the benefits of a breast augmentation or surgery but don’t want the unnatural look or feeling. Since the fat is already in the patient’s body, the entire look after the surgery is natural. Another reason why people are really enjoying this procedure is because implants require changing every so often (kind of like your tires need to be changed on your car). Of course, this upkeep can get costly and might require multiple visits to a plastic surgeon. Some people don’t want to deal with all of that. Some people want to get the procedure done, and be done with it – for good.

Some may not know this, but the fat grafting technique was actually banned from all practices about 25 years go due to many different reasons. Some of these reasons included “minimal results, unpredictable results, and the inability of radiologists to distinguish fat nodules from cancer”. This entire technique is very similar to liposuction, but it also adds certain steps and has other benefits that liposuction doesn’t have. There are some people who are calling this surgery the “natural boob job” – in other words, fat grafting is a natural process.

One has to think about the word “natural” in this instance. Obviously, fat grafting is not a natural thing because a patient actually has to be operated in. So, any procedure is inherently unnatural. However, when it is compared with other forms of cosmetic surgeries, fat grafting is extremely natural. There is no other procedure that even comes close to comparing to fat grafting in terms of being as natural as possible. Most surgeons use implants or other forms of external material to enhance certain areas of bodies, but fat grafting uses the same exact material that is already inside of the patient – their fat!

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It has many benefits no matter how you achieved it. There are different ways on how to lose the pounds, like diet and exercise that may include diet pills, a bariatric operation, or other medical procedures that were developed mainly to help people attain their weight loss goal. Achieving your ideal weight may be your objective when you are obese but you will be disappointed even after achieving that goal because changes in your body like sagging skin and distorted body contour does not make you look healthy. Looking at your body at this moment will make you realize that a plastic surgery post weight loss is badly needed.

Basic Information About Body Contouring?

2After the physical and emotional stress of being overweight or obese, another set of problem comes in. However, there are plenty of solutions to this problem and body contouring is the famous and most common among them. This procedure of removing the excess skin from different body areas because of weight loss lasts for four to six hours or more. You could be an inpatient or outpatient depending on the circumstance and the extent of the surgery.
This is an effective and permanent plastic surgery post weight loss procedure but it does not mean that there are no risks involved. Depending on the situation, you could experience an infection, excessive scarring and fluid accumulation. The recovery periods vary from three weeks to six weeks while it could take four to six weeks or even more before you can handle strenuous activities.

Who Are the Best Candidates for Body Contour?

It is best to know if you do not have any medical condition that could either impair healing or increase the risk of surgery. It is also of grave importance that you are committed to lead a healthy lifestyle after the operation. Rapid regaining of weight after the surgery will cause more stress to your skin and will give you additional problems like more visible stretch marks and wide scars. You must also check if your weight loss has stabilized or else you will only jeopardize the operation because the sagging skin will continue to appear as long as you are losing weight. You must check all of this first, because plastic surgery post weight loss could be considered as the final phase of your weight loss program.

What Part of Your Body Will be Fixed?

Aside from body contour, there are also tummy tuck, thigh and buttock lift, upper arm lift, breast operations that include breast lift, breast augmentation and breast reduction. In addition to this, there is the famous liposuction. Looking at these procedures, it clearly shows that any problem part of your body could be fixed. Depending on your case, you could choose one or a combination of these plastic surgery.

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